Monday, June 16, 2014

Discussing Solid Waste Over Dinner with John and Joey

What? Did I really just write that headline? Again, only on the train are you commanded to sit with people you don't know and then you find everyone is fascinating. It occurs to me this is a little like speed dating.
Meet John, a civil engineer who worked for the city of San Francisco for decades and still consults. We learned all about the city's solid waste management and the threat of rising sea levels caused by weather changes, which affect sewage treatment. The most remarkable part is all this didn't seem like bathroom talk at the dinner table.

Seriously smart guy. Seriously smart son, Johnny, who's studying history like his mom.

Wait! Who's this?
Maria, one of our favorite Amtrak servers, who remembered us a nanosecond before I remembered her. This is from a trip at least two years back. Off the train today at Lamy, NM, heading for Santa Fe and Pecos for a visit with longtime friends.

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