Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Amtrak Love: The Journey, The Destination

Both count, and people + transport make a real difference. Here in the LA Union Station lounge (where you can await your train if you're ticketed ins a sleeping car) our attendants did a magnificent job of welcoming us, stashing our carry-ons, pointing us to snacks and beverages, and periodically checking their computers to see if we could upgrade from a roomette to a bedroom.  An extraordinarily comfortable spot, with wi-fi and a door to the outside so we could walk in the sun.

Just before our train arrived, we and our bags were picked up by a redcap who ferried us to the tracks.

An easy friendly trip to the doorstep of our bedroom car. This was Sunday, on our way to Lamy, NM, near Santa Fe, where we arrived Monday at 1 pm. More soon.

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