Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Mexico Cuisine: Red or Green?

Chile rellenos w red and green chile
plus an edgy crisp marg
at La Choza Santa Fe

"New Mexican food is similar to but not quite the same as Mexican and Tex-Mex" foods preferred in Texas and Arizona. New Mexico is the only state with an official question—"Red or green?"—referring to the choice of red or green chile. Combining both red and green chile is often referred to as "Christmas".

Squash enchilada (?) w green rice and green chile
at Cafe Fina, named for the gas station that predated the restaurant

It was hard to stifle my delight at being offered two kinds of chile with virtually everything we ordered. Green and red, and why not have both each time? I am a Christmas kid...

Good friends took us to three splendid spots, two in Santa Fe and one in Pecos, NM, where they live.

Huevos on black beans w green chile and plantains
at Cafe Fina

Cafe Fina offered an omelet with mushrooms, cheese, avocado and other tasty bits. 
Plus red+green chile.

Frankie's Casanova in Pecos
Across the street, they're prepping for a Longmire shoot.

Breakfast burrito and chicken enchilada
at Frankie's 

Huevos rancheros
at Frankie's

Thanks, Graham and Nik, for the New Mexico shot in the arm. I miss it already.

ps: you asked for it you got it, Pete...


  1. Could one of these be our new Marg spot? PK

  2. You know that this is making very hungry and ready for a marg date! When do you et back?