Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Hopeful Note From Block Club Chicago

First tomato

Hi chefs: we did a monster food shop today, got my workout slinging groceries, packing them myself because if you bring your own bags you have to. Even though it was exhausting I knew how lucky we were to be doing it.

I returned home to find this note from Block Club Chicago, an independent news source that smartly covers neighborhoods and deserves our support (click here for an example of the reporting they do), as does Brave Space Alliance. Yesterday's extraordinary court decision protects more essential rights for millions of transgender, gay, and lesbian workers (click here for the story), but there remain many vulnerable people in our world.

Enjoy this and we'll see you again tomorrow...

Good morning, Chicago
Yesterday, I took a much-needed day off. I needed allergy meds from Costco and figured I'd pick up stuff for a local coronavirus food and resource drive while I was there. I posted a Facebook status asking if anyone wanted to kick in a few bucks. Within hours, I had $800 in my Venmo.

I had to borrow my sister's car to drop off diapers, formula and other supplies with the Brave Space Alliance. I walked in to see floor-to-ceiling donations. It was shocking. Volunteers rapidly stacked and organized things to make room for more. As I carried in the last box, a cyclist stopped and said he had the day free — did anyone need some help?

The whole exchange took less than two hours and made me feel so hopeful about our city. Seeing people who are already cash-strapped from coronavirus donate their time and money to help their neighbors is incredible. I also feel so lucky to work in a newsroom that values community outreach and participation — not just reporting the news.

If you're feeling down right now because summer is not the same as usual, look around you. The weather has been perfect ::furiously knocks on wood:: and it's such a great time to think about what YOU can do to be a better neighbor and a more engaged Chicagoan.

You're already doing something great: supporting community news by reading and subscribing to Block Club. Thank you! And enjoy this sunny Tuesday. 

Jen Sabella
Director of Strategy + Co-founder

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