Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Covid Cafe: Summer First Meal + BLT Banter

Hi chefs. The BLT poll posed by Chris yesterday has generated quite the vigorous response. If you missed it, click here to check it out. From what we've heard, tomato thickness is not the only issue. People also apparently feel strongly about lettuce type and mayo substitutes (did I just type that?). So let us know and also send us a photo of your BLT.  

The bountiful diversity of foods in season now make for extraordinarily colorful, easy, and delicious repasts. Our first meal today was a grassfed grilled hamburger with fermented beets and red cabbage; tomato, cuke, and avocado salad; and a watermelon and nectarine bowl with a few errant slices of raw kohlrabi from the farmshare (Art: are these supposed to be in here?).

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