Thursday, June 25, 2020

Covid Cafe: Back to Basics

Good day, chefs of Covid Cafe. We hope you're keeping well and that abundant summer produce is landing on your plate. Day to day, we try new approaches to food but often, with beautiful results, choose to fall back on old favorites.

Camille writes: While I love trying new recipes, especially those from Covid Cafe, sometimes we return to basics

Here’s last night’s dinner: pan roasted salmon with a cherry tomatoes, onion, and capers; tossed salad with many salad veggies; and a half slice of sourdough bread.

My Voice
To cure myself of wanting Cuban songs,
I wrote a Cuban song about the need
For people to suppress their fantasies,
Especially unhealthy ones. The song
Began by making reference to the sea,
Because the sea is like a need so great
And deep it never can be swallowed. Then
The song explores some common myths
About the Cuban people and their folklore:
The story of a little Carib boy
Mistakenly abandoned to the sea;
The legend of a bird who wanted song
So desperately he gave up flight; a queen
Whose strength was greater than a rival king’s.
The song goes on about morality,
And then there is a line about the sea,
How deep it is, how many creatures need
Its nourishment, how beautiful it is
To need. The song is ending now, because
I cannot bear to hear it any longer.
I call this song of needful love my voice.

Cactus in Chicago
Chris got a cactus start from a guy he worked for years ago and planted it against his garage, where nothing would grow because it's too hot. But this plant loves it.

Steak Salad with Creamy Herb Sauce
and more deliciousness at

Isley Brothers

Harvest For The World

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