Monday, June 15, 2020

Covid Cafe: Camping Food + Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms

Good day, chefs. Whether it's in our own kitchens or over a campsite grill, we're all making something to eat. Chris and Lisa took a long camping weekend at Morrison-Rockwood State Park in western Illinois and they check in today.

More garden friends:
tomato and lily

Chris writes: Here's our camping dinner tonight. One veggie and one beef burger. (Can you guess who had the veggie?) Salad was homegrown Swiss chard and mustard greens and the normal toppings. 

Our potato dish consists of potatoes, onions, carrots with garden rosemary and thyme steamed in a foil packet on the grill. The foil pops up like jiffy pop--fun to make but popcorn's still more fun to eat. 

Dessert will probably be s'mores and a nice bourbon

Rob walks Chicago:
The peonies in the Grandmother's Garden 
were full-throated singing their beauty


Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms
creamy chicken thighs with mushrooms in skillet

You're going to want to try this one-pan, stovetop loveliness with chicken thighs (we know you have some in your freezer) from Butter Be Ready, where you'll find a big basket of tasty food ideas. Click here for the recipe. And here for her recipe index.

Quin from Butter Be Ready
black woman smiling in white kitchen

Trey Songz 
2020 Riots: How Many Times


In the street outside a school
what the children learn
possesses them.
Little boys yell as they stone a flock of bees
trying to swarm
between the lunchroom window and an iron grate.
The boys sling furious rocks
smashing the windows.
The bees, buzzing their anger,
are slow to attack.
Then one boy is stung
into quicker destruction
and the school guards come
long wooden sticks held out before them
they advance upon the hive
beating the almost finished rooms of wax apart
mashing the new tunnels in
while fresh honey drips
down their broomsticks
and the little boy feet becoming expert
in destruction
trample the remaining and bewildered bees
into the earth.
Curious and apart
four little girls look on in fascination
learning a secret lesson
and trying to understand their own destruction.
One girl cries out
“Hey, the bees weren’t making any trouble!”
and she steps across the feebly buzzing ruins
to peer up at the empty, grated nook
“We could have studied honey-making!”


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