Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Covid Cafe: Pasta Salad and Chicken Wings

Chris is growing the Beauregarde Snow Pea from Row 7 and look at that gorgeous flower.

Via Row 7, here's what the mature snow pea looks like. 
Remarkably, it holds its color during cooking. 
(Send us pictures, Chris.)
 Beauregarde Snow Pea #2

Hi chefs. Today Maila checks in with a classic pasta salad/chicken wing combo that just might spur you to create a similar meal in the summer weeks ahead.
Maila writes: In the sweltering heat, this is an “easy to feed a huge crowd” recipe--also fine for two people if that’s what’s called for. It lasts very well in the refrigerator for a couple of days so I enjoy making a large amount to have on hand.

--Pasta cooked in generous amount of water to which garlic powder and red pepper flakes have been added. I prefer fusilli or rotini since the main part of the dressing is pesto, which adheres well to this type of pasta. 

--Add diced grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced black olives, bottled capers, finely chopped parsley, feta cheese, dill, and toasted pine nuts.

Measurements are to personal preference, but for the dressing I always use the Costco Kirkland brand of pesto straight from the jar, stirring it into the cooked pasta. After adding the rest of the ingredients except the toasted pine nuts, I adjust the dressing with some olive oil, lemon juice, and lemon zest. I add very little, if any, salt since the feta and olives contain quite a bit.

How 'bout those wings?

The wing recipe is another one I “wing.” I first boil the chicken wings in water with garlic powder and pepper flakes, let them cool off completely, and then coat them with whatever barbecue sauces are hanging around, mixed with some soy sauce and rib sauce. If I want them sweeter, I throw in a little honey, maple syrup, or both. 

Since these were to be eaten with a Greek pasta salad, I omitted sweetness in the sauce. I cook the wings in a very hot oven (425 or 450), but watch them carefully to avoid burning. I turn them and baste the other side after one side is at the color point I prefer. 

(Sounds like good holiday food, Maila.)

I Won The Great American Baking Show But It Never Aired +
Torched Meringue Lemon Tarts
Vallery Lomas competed for four grueling weeks on "The Great American Baking Show" and ultimately won—but the show was canceled and her win was never aired. Instead of dwelling on the situation, Vallery is taking her proverbial lemons and making lemon curd.

on the vine



A Daily Prayer

God wears glow-in-the-dark acrylic nails, her favorite color is obsidian black,
             she’s lactose intolerant & is tired of femme exploitation.

God buys gold hoop earrings at Dollar Tree & ain’t afraid to wear eyelash extensions
             for two weeks straight even if the package reads “one-time use only.”

God says “hi” to everyone the moment she boards public transit & after she’s seated,
             she speaks loudly into her phone while munching on hot Cheetos.

God carries a plastic bag with quarters, pennies & her passport cuz she knows
             most of her followers ain’t shit & removal proceedings are always already a possibility.

God orders $1 fries, $1 cheeseburgers & $1 drinks at fast-food restaurants cuz
             a gurl needs to live & sometimes thriving looks like surviving.

God checks her eyebrows on her phone every two hours & licks her index finger
             to realign each hair particle before meeting up with da girls.

God walks into Metro PCS every three days for water damage services cuz she’s too often
             weeping onto her Android—M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa, & Sun—the deaths of Black girls.

God has hired a personal stylist cuz she don’t know no more how to be simultaneously ready
             for a funeral, court hearing, birthday celebration, anniversary dinner & the club.

God has a Twitter account with 36 followers & it’s aiiight cuz she follows 794K folk & they
             all Black femmes & the 36 that follow her hold her so she can hold the rest of the world.

Rob Walks Chicago:
Damage from high lake levels, a testament to the power of water.


Overly Competitive Trumpeters - Key & Peele 

Two seasoned jazzmen face off to see who can push his instrument to the extreme.
(They're not only good, they're funny)

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