Monday, June 1, 2020

Covid Cafe: No-Flour-Necessary Pancakes

Hi chefs. Many years ago when we all but stopped eating the grains that usually go into pancakes, I wondered if I'd ever enjoy those beloved hot buttered discs again. Imagine my surprise when I realized no flour is necessary.

You can grate and squeeze zucchini and add to eggs and make pancakes/fritters. You can finely chop raw veggies and do the same. You could use nut flours, true, but you can also use roasted sweet potatoes, shown here in the one new kitchen device I've purchased in the past 20 years: a stick blender, aka immersion blender.

Eggs + roasted sweet potato

The stick blender does a real job of it, pretty much liquefying tough skins and everything it comes into contact with.

Just sweet potatoes and eggs

Baby bok choy in the garden

Marvin Gaye
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