Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Tires for the Border Crossing: Oct 5

It's about 45 degrees when we awaken, so we get right to some coffee and a hot breakfast. This nice back bacon is from the English guy who sells bangers at the Wicker Park farmers market. It's delicious.

Art wants to get to Port Angeles early to have a tire looked at. It's causing a noticeable vibration between 50 and 60. Good sense, after a few thousand miles. Our route takes us back toward Crescent Lake, this time in the rising sun.

Oh what a beautiful morning.

We find our way to Les Schwab Tires, recommended highly by the gas attendant.

Here's Amanda, who's handling our tire issue. Art took her for a ride to see if she could feel the vibration (if you're thinking about something other than wheels right now, I'll see you after class).

We make it to the ferry terminal with time to spare and get the camper in the loading lane. Getting there early ensures a spot without paying the reservation fee. Today we're taking a private ferry out of Washington State--usually we're on the BC ferries that ply Canadian waters.

A young couple sees our Illinois plates and says they're from Warrenville, IL. Meet the newlyweds, married just three days earlier in Portland. They were on the ferry loading dock with us. After talking a bit, I ask their names and he says "I'm Pete and this is my wife Carole."

She flashed a huge smile and says: Oh, I like the sound of that!
No matter how many times we take the ferry, it's always exciting. We drive on, park where they tell us, and scurry up topside. Here's a view of Port Angeles.

And some Really Big Rope.

A gorgeous days for the 90-minute crossing.

You can sit in the sun or under an awning out of the wind.

Or head below and stay inside.

We get to customs and they wave us over for the camper search. Nothing big, but the guy took my apples and potatoes (but only the Chicago potatoes--not the organics from Idaho. I have no idea how this system works.) I ask the guy if I can take a photo of him but he says it's against the rules. He was nice.

We land in late-day Victoria rush hour, but I snap out the window. It's been a long day and we're heading for Sooke River Cottage and have no idea where it is, except for it's in Sooke, which is an expressway ride plus some exits away.

We finally arrive. It's a perfect spot. More about that in days to come.

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