Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleeping in Seattle: Oct 20

We're seeing more dear ones today, but first...Adrift the restaurant looks even better in the clear morning light. Yes, we shamelessly return for petit dejeuner, which sadly I consumed before photographing. Art looks eager for his coffee.

Our terrific server from the night before, Hope, was back (or perhaps she never left). Stop in when you visit Chicago, Hope.

Heading south to Seattle on I5, we make a stop at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op. Hope's directions were perfect. We need to restore our provisions and it's a fine place to do so.

We arrive in Seattle easily, but Kathy's out shopping for food. So we look around outside the lovely house she shares with Nancy in Richmond Beach, just north of the city.

Here's an excellent food and yard debris composting bin, provided by the city. One of these days maybe all of Chicago will have paper and glass recycling pick-up and then we can move in this direction.

I stretch it out on a walk through a gorgeous park with big views just a block from their house. It has a nice vertical challenge to it, and I didn't even walk all the way down.

When I return, Kathy's telling Art about the raccoons who ate all the Riesling grapes at their vineyard in eastern Washington. This tiny bunch was all they left, though it was slim pickin's to begin with given last year's freeze and cool spring.

Here's a beautiful bunch of Pinot Gris grown at the vineyard, one of the only white varieties with purple skins.

Kathy pulls out a lovely Cabernet Franc, made by her wine instructor. This one we'll open. And open we did, with a lazy afternoon of conversation and catching up. Thanks, Kathy and Nancy for welcoming us overnight!

And to accompany...

A bit later, we all convene at Hill's, just a short walk from their house, for an exceptional dinner. Let's see if I can remember: Nancy had pasta and so did Art. Kathy had a mixed grill and I had a salad with Dungeness crab. mmm. Hurry to Chicago, you two...

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