Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Covid Cafe: Cosmonaut Volkov, Pups, Weed, and Amtrak Baked Eggs

Hello, chefs. I found this trifecta of Cosmonaut Volkov tomatoes ripening in the Spirit Circle this morning. These grew well on our Chicago roof and in fact the seeds that started these are likely from 2011. I originally got the seeds because their name intrigued me.

The naming story varies, with Wikipedia saying Vladislav Volkov and crew died when a Soyuz space capsule valve opened too soon upon re-entry in 1971, suffocating the crew. Other sites contain speculation that Cosmonaut Volkov seeds went into space but I'm not able to confirm.

Rob walks dogs
Usually Rob walks Chicago, but every week he also tends pups for the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS). We love the photos and captions of his charges.

Gabriella: All tongues and tail

The aptly named Teddy

Bath time for Little Whitney

Weed progress
I've been watching vids and reading online, trying to learn how to maximize production. I topped these plants and tied down the resultant branches, which are now growing upward. We'll see if they produce buds. More here.

The ideal result

Amtrak Baked Eggs
A long time ago we were heading to Union Station to board Amtrak for the west coast. I cleaned out the fridge to make breakfast and thus Amtrak Baked Eggs were born, a good reminder that the simplest ingredients can produce a delicious result.

5 eggs
A couple generous handfuls shredded cheese
Green onions, cut in one-inch pieces

--Generously butter a pie pan/quiche pan.
--Scatter the cheese on the bottom.
--Whisk eggs and pour in.
--Scatter green onion on top.
--Bake at 350F 20-25 minutes or until set.


When you kill it at the edge of the pan, you don't notice
That the egg grows an eye in death.

It is so small, it doesn't satisfy
Even the most modest morning appetite.

But it already watches, already stares at your world.
What are its horizons, whose glassy-eyed perspectives?

Does it see time, which moves carelessly through space?
Eyeballs, eyeballs, cracked shells, chaos or order?

Big questions for such a little eye at such an early hour. 
And you – do you really want an answer?

When you sit down, eye to eye, behind a table,
You blind it soon enough with a crust of bread.


Celeste - Stop This Flame

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