Thursday, July 9, 2020

Covid Cafe: Summer Herb Frittata + Lift Every Voice

Glacier tomatoes,
almost always the first to ripen

Good day, chefs. All delicious meals start with the best ingredients you can find. For us that means growing everything we can without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or other nasties that end up in what we eat. Today take a walk through our gardens to see what's developing.

But first, Chris's garden. Remember the Row 7 Beauregarde Purple Snow Pea? Chris’s crop, which he started late, is coming in and the results are so pretty.

Bred to bring more flavor (and more purple) to purple peas, these high-anthocyanin, wavy-podded snow peas hold their vibrant color when cooked.

Lift Every Voice
Committed's version of the Black National Anthem
is acapella sublime

 Morning harvest

 Plant architecture.
This is a wee version of


It's a winter squash 
that will look like this
Robin's Koginut Squash #2

Constant cukes

I awoke in the middle of the night wondering if yesterday's cannabis pruning had been over-zealous. Here the plant’s long stems are pinned down to encourage more light to the middle of the plant and thus buds to form. Like anything you grow, more fruit/buds in the goal. 

This is Year 1 of the (Michigan-legal) cannabis growing experiment and I’ve already learned a lot.

 The Mexican sunflowers 
are setting up
Art asked: why would you devote valuable food growing space to flowers? Because they draw pollinators that also pollinate the veggie plants (also, because they're pretty and monarch butterflies love them).

 Summer herb frittata makings

We chopped the summer squash, an onion, and wild garlic found on our walk this morning and sautéed them in butter with shredded cabbage and herbs.

Added a sprinkle of hot peppers. Then, two duck eggs and three chicken eggs whisked and poured over, lid on, low heat for ten minutes or so.

Topped with smoked cheddar and under the broiler until bubbly, fritattas are endlessly amenable to new ingredients. Here's a basic recipe.

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