Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Covid Cafe: A Covid-Postponed Wedding Moves to the Courthouse

Our niece Carly and her beloved Rahul made it official. Unsure when they might reschedule their in-the-midst-of-Covid April wedding in the Dominican Republic, they proceeded to the Orlando courthouse.

Not the photo they likely imagined,
but still tears-worthy for this auntie (who always cries at weddings) 

Carly writes: It was quite the experience. We were married at a glass teller window (the chapel was closed) while wearing masks, a guy in some sort of trouble with the law to our right and a woman with a red-light camera ticket to our left. 

We couldn’t bring witnesses, so that section of the marriage certificate is blank. Needless to say it was very romantic. Hopefully one day we can all celebrate!
You can be certain of that


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