Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Covid Cafe: Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hello, chefs of Covid Cafe. This summer heat has spurred us to toss raw chopped veggies (radish, celery, cucumber, cabbage--whatever's on hand) with a variety of dressings, most recently this Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing I made yesterday. Worth a taste.

Haley in Grand Rapids returns today with a classic summer meal and a mouth-watering opening picture.

She writes: Brooke is up for the holiday and we have been having a great time playing board games, watching Hamilton, and staying cool with ice cream treats and a kiddie pool to dip our feet. 

Today we had a simple slow cooker favorite. This is pulled pork sandwich with some heat and some sweet.

You could make your own jerk seasoning blend, but lately we've enjoyed the ease and flavor of a jarred version pictured below.

never enough basil in the garden


Darling Coffee

The periodic pleasure
of small happenings
is upon us—
behind the stalls
at the farmer’s market
snow glinting in heaps,
a cardinal its chest
puffed out, bloodshod
above the piles of awnings,
passion’s proclivities;
you picking up a sweet potato
turning to me  ‘This too?’—
query of tenderness
under the blown red wing.
Remember the brazen world?
Let’s find a room
with a window onto elms
strung with sunlight,
a cafe with polished cups,
darling coffee they call it,
may our bed be stoked
with fresh cut rosemary
and glinting thyme,
all herbs in due season
tucked under wild sheets:
fit for the conjugation of joy.

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