Friday, July 10, 2020

Covid Cafe: Lemon Zucchini Coffee Cake

Dark Star zucchini
in our garden

Good day to you, chefs. It's pouring here in Michigan, putting a big smile on this water girl's face. The zucchini above, glossy and nutrient-packed, are thriving in the garden next door, which our neighbors graciously loaned us to work in. 

Today, Holly checks in with a sweet diversion that contains plenty of lemon zest...

Holly writes: This seems like a big mess for a little coffee cake! (ed note: looks worth it to me...)

Good review from my taster. The recipe (find it here at Pioneer Woman) suggests waiting overnight for even better flavor. 

Dustin in Nashville
grew a two-pound tomato 
that looks like a heart


The Five Stairsteps 

  O-o-h Child


The Singer

For Ethan Canin
I sat on the dock at dusk and spoke
to the fish who swam beneath me
like ears with fins to hear my secrets.
“That words come close?” I whispered.
“The sky enters me like a sword
with my own hand on the hilt.
How to witness what I can't express—
the smell of lilacs, the dirge of loons.
Make up the rest if you wish.
Less is enough.
Say I sound like one of the Hosts.
That I'm crying also and there's nothing
you can do to make me stop.
That I'm like the peepers, katydids, and thrush
with my own song— all call in the opera of dusk.
Or is it response?”

Protest into action
Here's a powerful story about a group of athletes and teens in Austin turning a liquor store into a pop-up food market and place to hang out. Click here for the story.

New potatoes
from this week's farmshare

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