Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Day of Essentials in Te Anau

On the road for months, the housekeeping continues. Today's tasks included refilling propane, doing laundry, hanging linens in the fresh air, and topping up groceries and petrol. After the big walk yesterday, it all feels relaxing.

Bacon and greens for breakfast

Temperatures in the mid-50s F with gusty wind that drove the clouds. Feels like spring (though it's autumn).

 We headed to Mitre10 to find a heavy bottomed pan for eggs plus charcoal.

Art's favorite store.

On to the sports shop. Gosh, backpacking stoves have gotten lighter and look like jewelry.

Art likes these knives, made in France.

 PaperPlus has a small book section.

Richie McCaw, All Blacks superstar.
"In most ways McCaw's story is a universal one: a farm boy who emerged from a small town of a few hundred (Kurow, pop. 339) to become a national hero. Phil Waugh, a longtime Australian opponent, was far from alone when he hailed McCaw as 'the best rugby player of all time."

The Queen of Flat Whites is no shopper and calls for a cafe stop to recover her equanimity.

From the ridiculous to the sublime (or even ridiculously sublime), a shot of the night sky at Wanaka via photographer Paul Wilson. Sleep tight, campers...

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