Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Extreme Forest Bathing: Ten-Mile Walk in Fiordland

South Island-caught NZ sole for breakfast, with kumara (sweet potato) and a spinach, onion, and tomato melange.

That is one strange-looking fish and yet delectable.
This species can only be found in New Zealand and are abundant in the South Island at depths of up to 100 metres.

Lake Te Anau is the largest body of freshwater in Australasia, stretching 65km south to north, with three deep arms spreading west into Fiordland National Park wilderness. The shopping street in Te Anau starts at the lakefront of Lake Te Anau, at the southern end of the lake, and from there you can  walk in both directions to view the lake from different angles on our beautiful lake walk way. Sit on one of our lakefront benches munching one of our awesome venison pies and the view is 100% pure - pristine water for miles either way, and Fiordland National Park mountains stretching forever.

View from our campsite, Lake Te Anau still in the morning light

This is an extraordinary place to walk. The path along the lake is nicely defined and extensive.

We stop at the hut advising people on how to pack for the Kepler Track. In December (the height of summer), some people run the 37-mile track in a single go.

Notes here, too, on the scourge of NZ.

 And the species protected by all that trapping/poisoning.

Looks like someone hasn't taught his children much about nature (note the rodent haul in the photos below)...

Heartless people

We're not walking a piece of the Kepler today, but rather a portion of the lake-to-lake trail along the Waiau River that connects Lake Te Anau to Lake Manapouri (click here for map if reading in email, though we're walking along the river, not walking on the road a shown).

Forest bathing is fun and has positive effects on the immune system. More here.

(I can't hold it much longer)

This forest is primeval. And this is a long walk!

Rest stop before the last hour.

Tomorrow's another day.


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