Thursday, June 22, 2017

NZ Second Most Peaceful Nation in 2017 + Albatross Cam

I could write something snarky like discovering the president of your country is a pathological liar might easily disturb the peace.

The U.S. declined the most in an annual study of global peace that cites political turbulence, deteriorating press freedom, a public perception of increasing crime and corruption, and less acceptance of minorities.

...“Contrary to what it may appear, there has been an increase in peace,” Killelea said. “There are some truly disturbing pockets, but the outlook is not all negative.”

I suppose that depends on where you're living.

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We drove to Invercargill today to set ourselves up for future travel, camping in what we call a Harold and Maude campground right in the middle of the city. The sun is setting, and it seems...pretty peaceful.

Here's a NZ baby albatross cam (adults have a nine-foot wingspan)...
Welcome to Royal cam - streaming live from our northern royal albatross colony at Taiaroa Head near Dunedin. A young albatross is currently on the nest, with its parents returning every so often to feed the chick. Look for the parents colour bands - the male bird has blue-black (BK) colour bands and the female has red-blue-black (RBK).

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