Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Haircuts, Organic Food, and Scary Shoes

It's not gorgeous scenery and vigorous walks all the time here on the grand NZ adventure. Some blustery days call for restocking the larder, getting a trim, and scavenging the second-hand shops.

While ambling around downtown Riverton I spied a modest salon. Haircuts! This sweet blue-haired woman decided to take Art herself and asked Clayton, in the background, if he could take me 20 minutes later. (They have their work cut out for them.) I left to browse the op-shop across the street wondering if Art would end up with a fresh dye job.

 Art has camp hair (and so do I)

Lots of organic produce here, now in our car.

Art made a picture of these terrifying shoes while Clayton and I were chatting away under his scissors. "Last haircut?" he asked, a bit peremptorily I thought. "Uh, February?" He got to work.

A bunch of stops later, it was time for a venison burger and a bowl of seafood chowder. We are, after all, on the southern coast.

I told Clayton he didn't have to give me the full Barbra blow-out, but, perhaps fearing this would be my last haircut until November, nothing could stop his diligence.

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