Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kingston to RIverton NZ

On this crisp morning we drove south.

We stopped in Otautau (founded 1861, pop. about 800) to visit the resale shop and the farm store. 

There's only one good reason to buy a bag of crisps: because you read a story about the family producing them in Southland (in the south on NZ's South Island). Good enough for me...

 Destination: Riverton

After getting settled in our new campground, we took a pretty much vertical walk up to a lookout.

And had a snack as we gazed out onto the Foveux Strait.

Stewart Island/Rakiura in the background. I love being at the bottom of the world.

 You ate the whole bag?

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  1. Ha! Love the last picture and caption!! And the description of being at the bottom of the world...how cool!! love and crisps, H