Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hard County: A Golden Bay Life

That's the title of the book Art's reading, written by Robin Robilliard, a woman who arrived in Golden Bay newly married in 1957, she and her husband longing to own their own sheep farm. They bought a run-down property that had bested three previous owners. Sixty years later, they live on the same land.

As we drove over the Takaka Hill today, I thought about a few choice passages Art read to me last night...

The Takaka Hill is the door that shuts out the rest of the world. At 791 meters it's not the highest hill in NZ, but it's the longest hill road, 25 km in length, with 365 bends bewteen Riwaka and Upper Takaka.

Calling it a hill is an understatement. Only Nelsonian diplomatic blindness refuses to label it a mountain. It's a great divide, shaggy with bush and bristling with rocky outcrops that precariously span the road out of the Bay.

It isn't unusual to meet holidaymakers in Takaka, with the wife shaking and demanding to go back to Nelson by a different route. There is no other way. 

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  1. Thinking about buying a sheep farm? If so, do you need an intern?