Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wally the Wallaby, Cocky the Cockatoo, and Hashbrowns in Duck Fat

Beautiful day in Murchison, near 60 F. One of the reasons we travel here when we do is to catch the warm remnants of fall in March and April and the beginnings of spring starting now.

Update on what prompted the nice folks from Bus Life NZ, parked next to us this week, to decide on full-time life on the road. They were trapped 24 floors up in a high rise during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. 

In that moment, we realised what life is all about': Family of four trapped during Christchurch earthquake escape the rat race to travel New Zealand in a bus.

After work today we walked to town and explored the secondhand shop at the Anglican church. Six-year-old Cocky the cockatoo, who will live to be 100, put on quite a show.

 Hands in a garden

I talked to the campground owner about all the animals in the surrounding grounds. Turns out that kangaroo we mentioned yesterday is actually a wallaby called Wally. The owner raised him from a baby, carrying him around in a pouch made of an old sweater. He's pretty engaging.

Duck fat is pure magic for crisping potatoes, an occasional treat here. Grab a fork, campers...

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