Thursday, August 17, 2017

Seal Pup On Collingwood Beach

Wild weather here, campers. We were buffeted all night in the caravan--shaking, quiet, boom! shaking again--by pelting rain and high winds and awoke to a light earthquake 20 km from where we're camping in Collingwood. I thought I felt something different than the wind-driven motion, but can't be sure.

Walking on the wildly wood-strewn beach this morning, glanced up at the shoreline and look! I'm surprised I even saw this wee wonder sunning herself.

She was so still that for a moment I thought she might not be living. I couldn't see a heartbeat, but then her ticker's buried deep beneath all that insulating fur.

Art quietly approached, giving thumbs up as she stretched and opened her eyes. Sun-warmed and relaxed (and we wishing we could pet her velvet coat). 

The tide was out--way out. I made this picture from the other side of the rocky verge where the seal pup was perhaps awaiting the return of her natural element.

Big weather's still pouring in. Tomorrow's a new day.

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