Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ferry To Weillington + On To Greytown

Whew, whatta day. I made breakfast in our hotel room to eat on the ferry (cold chicken too). For a ferry leaving at 10:45 you need to be in the car line-up at 9:45, not so different from flying but no baggage to sling since it's all driven on board.

The Interisander ferries are well-appointed, spacious, and today sparsely populated. They offer coffees and bar service but are a little light on nutritious food, so we come prepared. To the left below is the front of the ship, which today sailed smoothly through the rain until we left the Sounds and moved across open water. Mildly urpy, but manageable.

People are always saying "I hope you have a smooth crossing," which makes me chuckle and think of the gates of heaven. It takes a bit more than three hours for the voyage. Here's a long shot coming into Wellington Harbor.

We spent nine days in Wellington in 2015, so today we drive off the ferry and point it north on the superslab, passing through Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, Wellington exurban communities. Soon we're back on two-lane roads making our way through the Rimutaka Range, which on a sunny day looks like this.
photo by Deano87

Today we drive through the clouds, a wet endeavor filled with 25 kph turns that Art managed masterfully.
Destination yay: our airbnb in Greytown, originally a sleep-out for owner Belinda's son (who left for college a year after it was finished). Nice sleep-out! Heated by a woodstove with generous bedroom upstairs.

Belinda also has some lovely raised beds with all manner of herbs and lettuces. Look at that happy celery.

Which she generously suggested we help ourselves to, so of course we did.

On to dinner, campers. 

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