Friday, September 1, 2017

A Day in Greytown


Greytown, pop. 2000, is filled with friendly people and historic buildings. It's a fun day on foot and here are some pictures to prove it.

T'was cool today, but spring is definitely arriving.

Founded in 1854, Greytown hosts NZ’s most complete main street of wooden Victorian buildings. Read more here.

Many picket fences. Look at this curved one.

The White Swan Hotel (we almost stayed here). Interesting history--more here.

Yes, please

Tea tasting. This was perhaps the sixth shop we paused in. I am a horrible shopper, but I like talking to people, and this woman told us about crossing the Cook Strait on the ferry in six-meter (18-foot!) swells. Not a pretty day for her.

You get a sense of why people from Wellington come up for a day of relaxed sipping, eating, and browsing.


She was nearly sold out by the time we stumbled on her truck, but we got a bit of gurnard for dinner.

The butcher shop

This is for Wayne, who loves the curled porches on these old NZ structures (I do too).

What a delight to meet the artist, co-owner of the shop.

The breadmaker

Food Forest Organics, owned by James Cameron of Avatar fame. In 2012 he purchased a vast tract of Wairarapa farmland (this region is called the Wairarapa) nearby and his Cameron Family Farms stocks much of the organic produce here. It's a hop-skip for him to Wellington, where he works with Weta Studio on the Avatar films. (Also, giant moa!)

My kind of shopping

Last stop: Schoc Chocolates, right on the main street. Small works of art you can eat...


Sweet dreams, campers...

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