Saturday, September 16, 2017

Coromandel Peninsula: Hahei

We drove to Hahei today and because we were early for checking in we walked the beach a block from our airbnb.

Spring is officially just around the corner, but tell that to the magnolias in host Vicky's yard.

She says in her listing: We began camping here in the 1950's before turning the site into a home. I have been living and caring for my mother in this family home at the beach for ten years after she became wheel chair bound. She has a wealth of knowledge of the local lore and she is more than happy to share the stories with you.

Seems like everything's budding out on this fine day.

They're having a scallop festival up the road, celebrating the first of the spring season. We're having our own festival with these, purchased at the butcher shop yesterday. The pink roe is left in place and it's luscious.

Second meal: Scallops, organic tatsoi, shitake mushrooms, and a silky avocado from Vicky's tree.

On her way out to watch rugby with friends, carrying a plate of homemade eclairs to share, she dropped off this perfect finale.

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