Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Coromandel Peninsula: Ocean Cliff Court in Kuaotunu

We don't write much about the airbnbs we've been staying in on the North Island. Just about every one we've chosen has strong points and a few surprises. Vicky's space was fine and her homemade treats brilliant. Here's a pavlova (eggwhite/sugar base, whipped cream, fruit--what could go wrong?) she delivered yesterday.

And later on, fresh squeezed OJ from her burgeoning orange trees.

We said goodbye to Hahei Beach this morning on a quick walk before we left.

The day cleared for a twisty, scenic drive to Kuaotunu. Weather here on the Coromandel is like island weather, with clouds and rain and sun moving in and out.

We stopped at a roadside organic shop and the young woman minding the store was from Pennsylvania, here on a work visa for a year. She said: DT is a real conversational icebreaker. Everybody asks me what the hell is going on (we know).

Back to airbnb. Most days we see how much we feel like driving and target an area that's on or near water and places to walk. I always ask locals where we should go next. Vicky suggested Kuaotunu, we checked airbnb, and we got really lucky with this one.

The listing says...(urging you to click through and look at his pictures too)
The house is located on my Grandparents old clay tennis court which made for a perfect house site. I have such amazing childhood memories on that tennis court and am so lucky that it remains part of our family, I hope you enjoy it as much as our family has over the years.

The grandson built it just a couple of years ago. When we pulled in today a woman gardening at a  nearby house came up to the window, friendly as every Kiwi we've met: Are you staying at the grandfather's place or the grandson's place?, she asked. Turns out she was reworking the gardens at the grandfather's house just across the way.

The grandson lives in California but told me in a message this is his favorite place in the world.  Didn't he do a lovely job of it?

Remarkably, the space rents for just $69 US. We spent just a few hours here before returning to the online booking calendar to see if we could extend our stay, but no joy. It's booked nearly solid in weeks to come.

 Little wonder!

Here's our short drive today (click here to view if reading in email):

Once we got settled in, we noted a table and two benches had blown off the deck and were wedged in an orange tree.

My idea of perfect living is having this outside your door. How can there be ripe fruit and blossoms on the same shrub?

We hoisted the furniture back up and Art got his tools out.

Meantime, we're prepping NZ lamb with a mustard-herb topping to have with these organic red kumara we picked up back in Mt Maunganui.

Table's fixed!

 We're lucky to have a couple of days to do some exploring. Goodnight, campers.

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  1. Waah. I wish I was there with you! But I'm glad you got to be there. What a spectacular place. Phyl