Monday, September 25, 2017

Coromandel Town: Waiau Kauri Grove + Waiau Falls + Mussel Kitchen

Morning walk in Coromandel Town

We stocked up for the next leg of the trip tomorrow, when we'll head north into the wilder portions of the peninsula (a reminder that soon I'll be writing "last leg of the trip"). 

 Quick stop at the Bank of New Zealand to put our account in limbo. Do you notice anything odd about these hours?

Just a hop skip from Coromandel Town and a turn down the renown 309, which bisects the peninsula (and is called a shortcut, though parts are gravel and very skinny), are two worthy destinations, with a tasty third on the return trip. First stop is the Waiau Kauri Grove.

Preview: these kauri are enormous

 Actually the first stop on the trail is the washing station. Kauri dieback disease is a serious business.

Remove soil, spray, and scrub-walk over the grate to remove still more.

From a distance, the mighty kauri grove looms.

The large volume of timber was one of their greatest vulnerabilities--that and their perfect lines for ship masts.

The Waipoua Forest in Northland is home to the world's oldest and largest known Kauri trees.  Tane Mahuta "Lord" or "God" of the forest has his roots in Maori legend and is the largest known kauri tree in the world and estimated to be 2,000 years old. Standing at over 51 metres high, it has a girth of nearly 14 metres.  More here. And here's a photo from that website...


There's no way to adequately show how enormous these trees are.

Look at all the life on this tree.

 And more in its highest branches.

A memorable visit to nobility.

You wash on the way out too (someone needs a haircut).

Just down the road is Waiau Falls, a charmer of a tumble.

The fall are best viewed live (click here to see vid if reading in email).

Mussel Kitchen, toward the end of the 309 near Coromandel Town, closes at 3 pm and we make it with three minutes to spare.

Of course they're know for their local every form and concoction imaginable.

Mussel fritters for me.

And mussels in panko for Art. 

I think we're in paradise...


  1. I love that photo of Art in the shadows of the trees. Frame worthy! And I can't wait to see that smiling face in person!

  2. Thanks to you both, but Bruce don't be jealous. Get back here!