Thursday, September 26, 2019

To Pakawau: Drive, Walk, Eat, Read

The morning was still blustery, but we managed to hook up the caravan between big gusts to drive just 20 minutes north to Pakawau.

And park in the space we scoped out yesterday.

In between the sprinkly rain showers and huge winds the sun washed the beach in blues.

Walking is a deep pleasure.

Art fired up the grill and kept the wicked wind from blowing out his coals with an ingenious combination of chair pads and lids.

Good books in the campground library exchange.

Also truly enjoying this one. Sotomayor's life is remarkable in countless ways, nurtured by a strong, determined mother and grandmother.

As usual, I'm making the vegetables.

I asked the woman who checked us in if this crazy weather were typical, since we've always visited earlier in spring, when it's been calm and warm. She looked up over her glasses and said: nothing's typical anymore with climate change (so say we all).

If you were here you could stay in one of these campground batches on the beach.

"The world's oceans and cryosphere have been taking the heat for climate change for decades," said Ko Barrett, vice chair of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which produced the report on climate change's impact on the oceans and cryosphere. "The consequences for nature and humanity are sweeping and severe."

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