Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid Cafe: Brussels Sprouts with Angel Hair Pasta

Cousin David is tossing Brussels sprouts with angel hair pasta and the glistening results make our mouth water. Starting with a sautee of garlic and onions in olive oil, he adds a pinch of Korean chili flakes here and a shake of garam masala there.

Clearly, he's working his spice rack. There's umami aplenty in the form of teriyaki and soy. Please pass the napkins!

David uses the same approach for his broccoli stir-fry, Brocs and Basmati. I know there are some well-fed people at his house.

Here's a handy decision tree that can help you decide whether or not to leave your confines. Remember, staying home is a selfless act. It keeps you from transmitting the virus and from getting the virus. It keeps you healthy so you don't clog up the hospital system, which others will need desperately. It keeps you and many people you don't even know safe.

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Dance party!

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