Thursday, March 26, 2020

Covid Cafe: Collette's Stir Fry and The Indignity of Frozen Brussels Sprouts

Good day, all. Looks like Covid Cafe is going to need a menu column devoted solely to stir fries, and with good reason. They're maybe the most nimble way to bring together everything edible in your house. And they're fast.

Though emergency mashed potatoes with salted butter are too

My dear friend Collette goes back to university days and it would take a lot for me to confess to some of the shenanigans we got up to. We cooked back then too, all the time since nobody had money to eat out.

Collette's melange starts with ginger, garlic, and habanero. Woop. Spice it up. Mix leftover beef or turkey with organic brown basmati and add butter (you heard the woman--add butter). Hot sauce and soy sauce come into play as well. Served today over a vegetable selection.

I wish this were waiting for me right now in the kitchen

Yesterday I pulled a giant bag of organic Brussels sprouts from the freezer. I only bought them in the wake of the pandemic and thought we should start using them. I poured some out and they literally looked blue and shivery and otherworldly in the bowl.

Remember that Sex In The City epi when the taxi drivers go on strike and Carrie doesn't know how to use public transportation? That's me with frozen vegetables. I can make anything out of fresh, but these stymied me.

Later after they thawed I quartered them (eew--they were mushy and wet) and roasted them with oil and salt at 450F. They were disgusting. It's clear to me now why so many people dislike this vegetable. They've probably never eaten the fresh version.

Speaking of fresh, we have ramps coming up everywhere

Their onion-y/garlicky flavor is a spring gift. I sliced them and tossed with the Brussels sprouts to roast and the ramps were the best part. Here's more on ramps.

Seeding some arugula in a plastic spinach box. It's a perfect little greenhouse. Try it!

Idle hands are the devil's playground 
Our friend Kara teaches origami on TikTok. She can show you a few cool moves. Here's how to make a paper slinky (click here to view in browser).

More food in process at our self-quarantine. What are you eating? Reading? Watching? Get in touch and tell us. (Click here for a list of Chicago area emergency food programs.)

Toasted pecans

Blue cheese romaine salad

Duck eggs, chicken eggs

Grassfed chuck roast

Fresh vegetables are everything


Dance break

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