Sunday, March 22, 2020

Covid Cafe: Sichuan Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry + More

Thank you all for sending photos of food. I met new Canadian friend Maila on our favorite online scrabble site, Lexulous. She responded to our call for new dishes at Covid Cafe with this pic of her Sichuan beef and veggie stir fry, which--admit it--looks good enough to slide off your screen and onto a plate.

Maila's serving this over basmati rice, a comfort food itself, as she and hers shelter in place in Montreal. Thank you Maila. We'll feature more quarantine dishes in the coming days.

If you find you're having moments of discouragement, remember that ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. Check out My Block My Hood My City, which is delivering boxes to seniors with hand sanitizer, supplements, toiletries, and food (volunteer or donate here):

I'm reminded by your responses that creators are always creating, working with food and in other media. Here's an older ink drawing from the artist (and our uncle!) James Kearns. Click here to see some of his work in the Whitney collection. And here in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Perfect for the walls at Covid Cafe. He sent it along with this title...

Social Distancing

We want to hear about anything you're creating. Send pictures and tell us about it.

Now, take an instructive moment and check out this multi-talented VP and CFO at Deaconess Health in Evansville, Indiana, as she shows how to sew masks for health care workers (honestly, can you imagine a guy CFO doing this? This woman has mad skillz).

For its soothing effects, you could listen to one of our world's great storytellers...

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