Sunday, March 29, 2020

Covid Cafe Welcomes The Nephews: Grilled Octopus + Morels

Welcome, chefs of Covid Cafe. It seems we're all foraging and eating extraordinarily well, a reassuring note in the midst of chaos. Today's cafe meal is presented by two of our cool nephews: Trevor and Cody, who know a thing or three about food...and music.

Trevor (from the same family making pie and bread) lives just outside Chicago and sent us this dazzler. He takes his raw materials and simmers them in wine for an hour...

...before moving them onto a hot grill (I feel like I'm in Greektown). The results are conspicuously fabulous. Thanks, Trev. We'll get to your fermented french fries soon.

More octopus, please!

Meantime, out mowing his parent's yard in Nashville, Cody stumbled on a true delicacy and started foraging. Morels! Look at these beauties. He'll be taking them to a chef friend who promised to cook a steak dinner with the shared morels.

Cody says: the beauty of nature. I know you appreciate it as much as I do.

Indeed we do.

Today's garden note...
...comes from Debbie, who is mom to Kara the tik tok origami queen and a skilled grower of food.

"There's always something to observe in the garden. The purple Asian garlic is peeking out earlier than most of the varieties I planted."

Music...produced by Cody

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