Saturday, March 21, 2020

Welcome to Covid Cafe

Physical distancing is the WHO's latest directive. People are having zoom dinners and cocktails together over the ethers. 

As the Lenten Rose (hellebore) tenaciously pushes up through the leaf mold.

We like to think we're tenacious too. As an old friend used to say: you have to eat. Yeah, but really, the woodpecker suet?

What's going on in your kitchen? Shoot me a photo and tell me about it. The Covid Cafe needs all chefs to step up. In the coming days, we'll share pictures and commentary.

 Chicken stock

In process: fermented cabbage + spring onions  
Beautiful handmade bowl by Cascarano Woodturning

Remember: Staying home prevents the spread of Covid-19. So maybe make a nice Physically Distant Stir Fry? Aptly named by our friend Rob...

If you have enough to eat, consider donating to people who don't. Here's one option.

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