Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Big Beautiful Rainy West Coast

Yesterday we drove from Murchison west along the mighty Buller River to Westport, perched on the west coast where everything feels bigger and more dramatic. (Click here if you can't see the map.)

Today the rain switched between pattering and battering the caravan roof, awakening me in a most relaxing way. Is there anything like rain on a roof to put you into a meditative state?

Fish for dinner tonight, tarakihi fried in duck fat (nice find at the grocery, Art). On a bed of chard-- called silverbeet in NZ--sauteed with garlic and ginger. Goat cheese and avocado complete the picture, which is not award-worthy but the meal was so good.

We're parked at a campground just across from Carter's Beach, whose waves are crashing as I write.  The rain has stopped and the moon is out. Tomorrow is forecast to be clear-ish and around 60F. That's perfect for returning to one of my favorite spots in all of NZ, Cape Foulwind, which we wrote about here on our first visit in 2015.

This afternoon we went into Westport for odd bits, including a hand vacuum for cleaning the carpeted floor of the caravan. We found a few used stores too, and ended up with bags of books, old towels (which Art uses as rags), and wooden soap dish and dinner plate. A relentless downpour drove us into a cozy cafe for flat whites.

There's a cafe a few blocks down this quiet stretch and it has a sign...

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