Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Birdsong, Gurnard, and a New Location

As I write on this porch at 6:30 pm, the birdsong is cacophonous, the air sweet and still. We're staying on an eight-acre parcel in a guesthouse that was formerly a milking shed, the owners just up the road in their place. They've been here since the 60s.

Chooks roam freely, kept out of the vegetable gardens by sturdy fencing and nets. Our proprietor brought us a melon and we tossed the leftovers to the happy birds. They urged us to pick fresh tomatoes and basil for a salad.

Local eggs for breakfast

A stand-out among the house rules...

We did a major shop today, preparing to load the caravan for the week ahead. You know one of the things I love best about NZ is the availability of fresh fish in the grocery. This guy was happy to accommodate me with six gurnard fillets.

The fillets cook quickly in butter

Tomorrow we'll leave the land of airbnbs and meet up with our camper at a train station a couple miles away, bringing it back here to set up before embarking Friday on the camping portion of our program. A highlight will be unpacking our suitcases for the last time until we head home. There are benefits to traveling with a closet on board.

We'll enjoy our fish and see you round the bend...

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