Saturday, March 30, 2019

Kitesurfing on Orewa Beach + Future Plan

Some of you have asked about the temperatures and also for a map. We're here to provide.

Temps have been in the luscious 70-80 F range, with endless breezes that sweep through the caravan even at night. Occasional NZ showers that last mere moments. Sweet sweet air, unencumbered by exhaust or other pollution, but more humid than we're used to on the South Island. Closer to the equator up here.

Here's the route we've taken to date, not counting Auckland to Muriwai (please click here if you can't view map):

If you pull out on the map using the minus symbol, you'll see we have quite a bit of territory to explore in Northland, which is everything north of Auckland. We're eager to see what lies ahead, especially as we move farther away from the busy city and suburbs/exurbs.

This morning we took a long walk on Orewa Beach, a windy tide-out expanse. Those commas you see above hanging in mid-air are kitesurfers, and they were flying (click here if you can't view vid).

Breakfast veggies

Some people were out looking for submerged treasure. This guy had the kit for it--metal detector with headphones, shovel, floating strainer, and a pouch hanging from his belt for the finds.

Via some confusion, we ended up with no coffee cups in the caravan (we've been drinking coffee out of bowls and laughing about it every day). This morning I said to Art: maybe two coffee cups will appear in the free bin in the communal kitchen. When he went over to do the dishes, look what he found.

Laundry drying the NZ way. Given the coffee cups, it appears the force is with us.