Saturday, March 16, 2019

(Someone Else's) Dinner At Great Barrier Lodge

So much tromping around today I have no energy for reporting. Last night we walked a couple blocks to Great Barrier Lodge, where last week I tried to book a room, but sadly they were full. Still, it's a fine spot for a meal, sitting on their veranda overlooking Whangaparapara Harbor.

Maori lesson for today: "whanga" (pronounced FANGa) means bay, cove, or estuary.

I was wholly distracted when the server brought these guys their food--an enormous platter of fish prepared by the lodge kitchen. Naturally I asked if they'd caught it (yes) and what kind of fish it was (snapper). And being the generous-of-spirit kiwis they are, they offered me a piece, which was just as delectable as you might imagine.

Look at all that fish!

(Then, and not only because USians need to be on their best behavior these days, I bought them a round.)

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