Friday, March 22, 2019

Tasks, With A View

Kia ora, friends! After nearly two weeks, it was a good day to catch up on tasks of daily living.

Art grilled steak for breakfast

 I made a salad

Because the kitchen utensils where we're staying are pretty rough, Art dug out our good knife and fry pan from the camping gear we stashed in the Rover before leaving in 2017. He then proceeded to go through every single item, eliciting oohs and ahs from me when I re-discovered the few clothes I'd decided to leave (including a nice pair of op-shop shorts, if they fit).

Here's a photo of two blown up Luci solar lights, charging in the sun. They lie flat for transport. I'm a big fan of these little lanterns.

I use one at night in places where bedside lighting is inadequate so I can read before sleep. When we're at campsites that don't have power (the best ones don't), we hang a Luci in the caravan. Here's a site where you can take a closer look.

Art got this second model because it has a USB port for phone charging. It can also be charged from a power source using a cord with a USB on each end.

Via its website, the company also has an option to Give Luci ($10) for disaster relief and humanitarian aid. We purchased our first one in NZ from a store where they told us the lights were sent to Christchurch after its devastating earthquake in 2011.
Thanks to people like you, we’ve sent lights to over 100 countries since we started in 2012, affecting over 3 million lives. Our nonprofit partners use Give Luci lights for life-saving search & rescue missions, disaster relief, improving community health and safety, education initiatives and families who live without access to electricity.  
Also, laundry. I've lost track of the number of places in NZ that have a washer and no dryer, but plenty of line and clothespins. Another big energy saver.

We're high above Muriwai and will return to it soon for some dedicated beachwalking.

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