Monday, July 1, 2019

Pausing...At The Top of the South

A day of tasks: work, laundry, a little movement down a path to the marina.

On the road, there develops a deep appreciation for the tidy, spotless laundry room. Especially one with amusing wall art. We loaded up four washers today and hung the bed linens on a line to dry in the sun.

The Queen of Flat Whites is reviewing maps for the coming days.

We're preparing to camp in the sounds north and west of here. This photo was made near the DOC site at Elaine Bay, likely our next campsite. Tomorrow we'll amass provisions for the coming week (how do we eat so much food?) and depart Wednesday.

After the walk: pretty Asian green wraps with the last of the roast chicken, bleu cheese, avocado, and olives. A schmear of boysenberry jelly does these proud.

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