Wednesday, May 27, 2020

19-Day Ordeal in Hostile Environment for Two Nelson (NZ) Trampers

Today we break to share the happy news that two NZ trampers who'd been missing in the wild (and wonderful) region west of Golden Bay, Kahurangi National Park, have been rescued. 

Here's a vid we shot near Anatori, where even the gravel road ends when it runs into Kahurangi National Park. This is where the pair set off. (NZ's vast quantities of unspoiled nature take my breath away, every time.)


O'Connor, a kayak guide, and Reynolds, a chef, had set off to explore the remote, beautiful and unforgiving Anatori area on Golden Bay's remote West Coast.
However, after leaving on May 9, the pair got into trouble early on...
It was believed Reynolds and O'Connor became lost within the first days of their trip due to fog. Read more here.

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