Sunday, May 10, 2020

Covid Cafe: A Mother's Browned Butter Greek Spaghetti

We hope you're thinking of the moms in your family today, chefs. Maybe some of you are lucky enough to be living with one you can toast or prepare food for.

Gwen wrote with a tribute to her mother's browned butter Greek spaghetti: Mother was Vasiliki, with a shortened last name of Panos (from Panousopoulos).

Even though I have every herb know to woman, sometimes it’s all about the flavor of browned butter--my mother’s Greek spaghetti.

Along with the browned butter, salt, and pepper, I use kefalograviers or kefalotiri cheese over the spaghetti. And that’s it.

A wonderful comfort dish and it supplies you with a month's worth of calories in one meal, so you have gotten that out of the way...

(I think we could all use a plate of this right now, Gwen.)

Hatched robins share a cozy nest 
in brother Chris's yard

The View This Spring
The great poet Du Fu was trapped in Changan during the An Lushan Rebellion, and he wrote a poem about it called “The View This Spring.” The poem contains two spare lines that sum it all up:
The nation is destroyed,
mountains and rivers remain.

 Rob Walks Chicago
From the what-did-you-expect file

Woman's World
(Dancing to this counts as today's workout)

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