Friday, May 15, 2020

Covid Cafe: Inspiration Will Save the Nation

Happy Friday, chefs, as if anyone knows what actual day it is. Yesterday Phyllis sent a picture of the colorful meal her sister Barb made for her. 

Phyllis wrote: My sister fixed me this nice brunch this morning. Avocado toast, bacon, and strawberries. Perfect for a rainy day. 

Her note was followed immediately by an email from Camille, who had been copied...
Based on your brunch, I just made my lunch.  No bacon though.

That, I thought, is how Covid Cafe can work. Someone creates and it inspires us to follow along or ramp it up.

Maila’s twice-baked potatoes reminded me I had a few cooked and frozen red potatoes. Into the microwave they went and then out, sliced in half, scooped, mashed with shallot and Parmesan, restuffed, and topped with mozzarella. 

Check out that fried cheese from the broiler pan. These were so good, especially alongside the apple-onion-cabbage slaw with blue cheese dressing.
JAZ in Tucson sent pictures with this note: The totem cactus puts out gorgeous flowers. Everything is blooming and I'm taking allergy pills daily--but it's worth it!


Jamie Oliver and his wood-fired oven make a pizza
"You can't just do what you want when you want"
(motto for our times)

Proper bird ID
Thank you to our expert birder readers who identified this one as a Scarlet Tanager. Art calls it Blaze and it's quite happy pecking at the organic orange we set out for it.

 (via Marc)
Cosmo Sheldrake

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