Friday, May 29, 2020

Covid Cafe: I-Am-My-Brother's-Keeper Roast Chicken

Good morning, chefs. If you've never roasted your own chicken, do it now. No trussing or special equipment is required. Set your oven to 400 F and put the chicken in a pan. Slide it in for an hour, a little longer if your chicken is larger. Choose to oil it and shake herbs all over...or not.

Get a good chicken, one that hasn't been raised standing in its own excrement. It will cost a little more. I threw some cherry tomatoes in here too to roast.

Rudy and Karin's clematis

Every mother's son
If you're not incandescent with rage in the wake of the cop murder of George Floyd, check your conscience. And if you think destroying public property is worse somehow than killing, check your conscience at the freakin' door. 

Charge the cops now who murdered him or stood by and watched. Our nephew rightly wondered if this would be a repeat of the summer of '68.

Also, special note to Minnesota state police: WTAF? Arresting an utterly professional CNN reporter who was asking nicely where his crew should stand? And Omar Jimenez, a man of color to boot? If you missed it, click here to view.

Shame, shame, shame.

RL Burnside

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