Sunday, May 3, 2020

Covid Cafe: Tacos and Flowers, Books and Burgers

Good sunny spring morning, chefs. Is the season flourishing where you live? Send us a photo. Here's one of mine:

Phyllis is out there supporting local restaurants. PK says: here’s one of my tacos from Antique Tacos in Wicker Park. 
(That looks like a painting. If you're doing this too, snap a pic of your meal and send it to us. We're all about the food, homemade or picked up.)

I picked the first of our homegrown greens this morning 
(see my big smile?)

Connie's back too, with her Stout Turkey Burgers. But first a note on how she's working with the library to get books to older adults in care facilities:

I spent the morning in an almost-empty library pulling books for about 35 of my senior patrons. We are placing the items in plastic grocery bags with their names on the outside. The bags are then placed in big plastic bins that are delivered to the senior facilities, whose staff then deliver to our patrons’ apartments.  I will miss my face-to-face interaction, but am happy my peeps will have new reading material to get them through this sheltering in place. 

Pause for more flowers 
Back to the recipe, Connie says: We are fans of stout (truth be told, I never met a beer I didn’t like) and these burgers have a subtle sweet flavor.

The weather broke a little to allow for outdoor grilling and I had some homemade buns in the freezer I pulled out.

Grilled some romaine for our salad and topped it with blue cheese.

(Burgers and books, Connie, a magic combination.)

Dog Star

Take today. I want there
            to be less
of everything—wind
& worry, of leaves
            littering the ground
& love letters, addressee
unknown. Return
            to sender—
this, my quarrel
with what
            must be
told. No,
I insist, No.
Yet the wind won’t
            go away
so easily, the stars remain
& do not grey—
            the boy looking
up into them thinks
he’s seeing them first
            tonight—it’s true,
here the sky & moon
do meet
            in an overgrown field—
nothing here 
tall enough to pretend
            to reach—even him
amazed at the blue,
even you.

Rob's Sunday Chicago sky
Want to donate to a local food bank but not sure how? 
We’ve got you covered. Click here to find a local food bank, which would be grateful for any amount.

(thanks, Bernie)
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