Friday, May 1, 2020

Covid Cafe: Falafel From A New Food Processor

Good day, chefs. The sun is shining and if you didn't know better you might think all's right with the world.

Carly's back today with a brand new food processor. She says: I am loving it so far!  Here’s a recipe for Covid cafe. I made some falafel last night using this recipe and they turned out delicious.

Food processor on the job

Pretty much followed the instructions, but pan fried them in avocado oil instead of deep frying. 

Served with tahini sauce, hummus and a Greek salad.

(Nicely done, Carlotta. You're gonna love that kitchen tool.)

May Day
They go, the early flags, the gory maples—
so too the daffodils & Lenten roses.
Other petals swirl & nights warm.

Buds thicken and cast shadows:
in a thunderstorm
I almost forget the ice that was.

Narcissi suckle watery paths;
meadows heap up emerald masses.
How green & I want to delight

except this undertow—it pulls so fast
passing before I recognize it—
like souls in Dante who can’t see the present,

white lilacs curdle in pre-summer heat.
The parade I barely noticed was beginning
is already halfway down the street.

No ray of sunlight's ever lost

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