Saturday, March 4, 2017

Acclimating Auckland 2017

Good day, friends, from the City of Sails, where end-of-summer blue skies dominate and we're just getting our legs. First things first: shopping for essentials, like this NZ-roasted JED'S Number 5 for the plunger coffee pot in our room.

This guy made me laugh out loud. He had a real tough demeanor when we walked in and got a tall bottle of soda. I inquired as to gin and the first bottle he showed me was enormous. I need something smaller, said I, and he carefully placed this mini bottle of Gordon's on top of the soda. And almost cracked a smile...

 The Queen of Flat Whites
is delighted to return to her kingdom

My old friend Al Paca.

A stop at AA, the NZ equivalent of AAA. Membership in the latter confers membership in the former.

These signs surely drew us in, but sadly her margs looked marginal.

Intriguing camper

We still love the container library!

The name of this enormous vessel is Janice of Wyoming, a most unlikely name for a ship?

 There's a lovely small grocery, brand new, across Albert Street from our hotel.
Sadly, the length of Albert Street to the wharf is torn up to make a tunnel for this new station.

More anon...


  1. Great to see you in NZ (and posting here) again!

  2. Fun to follow you on your NZ adventure! XOXO Holly

  3. Thank you. So happy to see you both here...