Sunday, June 7, 2015

On The Road To Haast: Keep Them Dogies Rollin'

Scrambled eggs, orange, chard (silverbeet in NZ), tomatoes, and prunes start our Saturday, a leavetaking day.

We try for a simple breakfast on leave days, since we have to stow all the loose bits inside the caravan and connect it to the Rover before hitting the road. Today we're driving from Fox to Haast, 121K (75 miles) of diverse NZ scenery along the way. As always, fiddle with the +/- tools on the map to see more.

I'm pretty much always yelling "slow down!" as we cross bridges, hurriedly shooting pix out the window.

We're heading for south Westland country and the views out our windows couldn't be more different mile to mile.

Rounding a bend, a truck with a sign: Stock Ahead. Well I guess so.

Keen herding dogs did their jobs beautifully along the roadside, nudging grazers back into line and keeping them moving forward.

In the lead truck, this woman smiled and said "I brought my hot tea because it's gonna be a long run."

What is it about cowboys? Sigh.

Good morning!

As soon as the beefy wave was in our rearview we proceeded, closing in on Haast, situated alongside Mount Aspiring National Park, in the heart of a UNESCO world heritage area.

The road soon turns back toward the Tasman Sea, running alongside it for the Haast approach. This picture reminds me of the Oregon Coast.

The mighty Haast River, gravel bars and low clouds adding to the mystery. Tomorrow we'll go exploring.

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