Thursday, April 4, 2019

A Day At Bethshan (House of Ease) in Algies Bay

As the sun was just breaching the trees today I wandered to the waterfront to make a few pictures in the luminous morning.

We drove a scant hour to this little camp, doing so on the recommendation of a friendly soul at our last location (we always listen when people tell us about places they love).

Here's proprietor Evan Algies with his great great grandfather Alexander, who purchased the land here 150 years ago. I've been stymied in my attempts to uncover more detail.

Suffice to say the motel units and camper parking spots at Bethshan are surrounded by verdant plant life and the multitude of birds that accompany it. Our greatest gift on these trips is falling asleep to absolute quiet and waking to nothing but birdsong. Then we go outside, where we happily spend most of the day.

Still, the interior of our caravan is welcoming and comfortable (especially when it's dry). In the picture below, the table slides back and the couches pull together to form a generous bed.

What's cooking? 
Mustard and herb coated NZ lamb chops. Someone's firing up the grill.

A notable addition to some grocery stores is Kingsford (or any) charcoal. You might recall that in 2015 the charcoal, when we could find it, was made of coconut husks. Probably a more ecologically friendly choice, but definitely a different heat. (If the cook is happy I'm happy.)

Bethshan motel units and towering trees.

 Alrighty then.

There's an herb garden here, which seals the deal for me. First meal: lamb with grilled onions, kale chips on the side. Also, prunes.

This afternoon with the tide out we walked a wide perimeter of beach.

Art stepped in some quicksand-like substance (probably quicksand) and his foot went in about 15 inches. Being the generous soul that I am, I didn't photograph him trying to extricate his foot and shoe, but I might have laughed a little.

Bethshan has all manner of water conveyances guests are welcome to use. No rental fees, just be sure to wear a life jacket. We might take to the Pacific tomorrow.

Here's a map showing Algies Bay and the route to the Sawmill Cafe, yesterday's lunch spot (please click here if you can't view map).

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